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Met-Con Crane Division is one of the leading EMH hoist and crane dealers in North America and specializes in providing excellent technical support, service and sales of EMH crane and hoist parts.

Commonly Sold
EMH Hoist and Crane Parts List

  • EMH Safety Latch SP32-SL

  • EMH Quick Disconnect Hood 4170

  • EMH 24 Pin Male Insert 4171

  • EMH Wire Rope Assembly WR6.4

  • EMH Rope Guide Assembly SP32-40

  • EMH 10mm X 216′ long Wire Rope Assembly WR-10

  • EMH Rope Guide Assembly SP63-40

  • EMH Wire Rope WR6.6

  • EMH Abus Brake Disc w/Fan 12874

  • EMH Idler Wheel Block HWB-250NDR

  • EMH Rope Guide Springs SP63-41

  • EMH Abus Brake Coil 12711

  • EMH Abus Brake Disc 12633

Bridge over a City

Florida Licensed General Contractor CGC1518360


Certificate Number:
A-933 Met-Con, Inc.

FLorida Business Member
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