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Met-Con Crane Division is one of the leading Demag hoist and crane dealers in North America and specializes in providing excellent technical support, service and sales of Demag crane and hoist parts.

Here is a partial listing of Demag hoist and crane parts we commonly sell. Don’t see your Demag part number listed here? We can get it for you. Please contact us today.

Demag, Brake-Set-460V60 KDF63 CSA, Part Number 12487484
Demag, Creep Motor KBA112B-4 230/460 DH Hoist, Part Number 07023984
Demag, Trolley Drive Assembly, Part Number 00778449
Demag, Contactor DSKR310, Part Number 87560644
Demag, Key Part Number 35457599
Demag, Coupling Half Part Number 71830544
Demag, Coupling Roller star Part Number 71822144
Demag, Retaining Ring Part Number 34253299
Demag, Coupling Half Part Number 71830644
Demag, Key Part Number 35488099
Demag, Motor KBA100B-4, Part Number 06512684
Demag, Key Part Number 35457199
Demag, Coupling Half Part Number 71820744
Demag, Retaining Ring Part Number 34252499
Demag, Oil Seal Part Number 36676399
Demag, Key Part Number 35487699
Demag, Stop Disc B020, Part Number 26020584
Demag, Friction Plate B020, Part Number 26020784
Demag, Contactor 3TF8332-OAK6, 115V-60Hz., Part Number 13165849
Demag, Main Contact Set 3TY7500-OA, Part Number 90081350
Demag, Trolley Motor, KBF80A8/2 40% GB14 460V, Part Number 05508084
Demag, Hook Safety Catch Part Number 34182499
Demag, Rope Guide Part Number 58497044
Demag, Joint Piece, Part Number 58460544
Demag, Spring, Part Number 58259544
Demag, Pressure Ring, Part Number 58459044
Demag, DG67 Grease, Part Number 01105844
Demag, Socket Screw, Part Number 31922899
Demag, Lock Washer, Part Number 34310699
Demag, Trip Dog, Part Number 58441444
Demag, Bumper DPZ 160, Part Number 81109844
Demag, Pinion N30, Part Number 83123044
Demag, Adjusting Ring N30, Part Number 83122944
Demag, Set Screw, Part Number 32538599
Demag, Drive Shaft 650 N30 U/KDH3-10, Part Number 83116344
Demag, Brake Release Stirrup, Part Number 13377084
Demag, Bushing, Vectra A230 KM 80, Part Number 13381384
Demag, Fan Assembly, Part Number 13389684
Demag, Pinion N25, Part Number 83113044
Demag, Adjusting Ring N25, Part Number 83016944
Demag, Drive Shft 750 N25 U/KDH3-10, Part Number 83016444
Demag, Contactor DSUB111, Part Number 87536144
Demag, Contactor 3TF8633, Part Number 875591441
Demag, Pinion Shaft, Part Number 59568044
Demag, Pinion Shaft, Part Number 59569044
Demag, Connecting Shaft, Part Number 59567844
Demag, Bushing, Part Number 59568944
Demag, Retaining Ring, Part Number 34272044
Demag, Spacer Bushing, Part Number 59528544
Demag, Ball Bearing, Part Number 36810599
Demag, Retaining Ring, Part Number 34264799
Demag, Rubber Bumper Part Number 81152344
Demag, Rubber Bumper Part Number 81152444
Demag, Oil Seal, Part Number 36687599
Demag, Brake Disc Set KMK80, Part Number 13389584
Demag, Brake Lining 10 Segment 36/ K &S, Part Number 09978684
Demag, Brake Lining 19KF, Part Number 61965444
Demag, Contactor Part Number 13214749
Demag, Aux. Contacts Part Number 13216349
Demag, Contactor 3TF8332-OAK6, Part Number 13165849
Demag, Fuse GMC 3A 250V, Part Number 13165549
Demag, 1 Step Momentary Contact Block SES1, Part Number 87419444
Demag, 2-Position Selector Switch AB 800TH2A, Part Number 00473049
Demag, Overhaul Set B003, Part Number 26096084
Demag, Magnet-Body 198-216VDC 480V B003, Part Number 26006284
Demag, Wear & Tear Set B003, Part Number 26096284
Demag, SE: Current Relay 4A Z63-71, Part Number 26086484
Demag, Torque Arm D2, Part Number 81864544
Demag, Fuse, AJT 20 A, CLASS J Time Delay, Part Number 00203149
Demag, Bridge Drive Motor ZBA100B4I B020, Part Number 00007885
Demag, Brake Disc FB1121 Bo2o, Part Number 26022684
Demag, Pan Screw M4x20, Part Number 32910899
Demag, Sealing Washer, Part Number 34220044
Demag, DST6&7 Housing Back, Part Number 87402544
Demag, 5 Ton Capacity Plate, Part Number 82989644
Demag, Third Cut Screw M5x10, Part Number 34230144
Demag, Safety Catch 5, Part Number 34182899
Demag, Gear Reducer KS7A, Part Number 73520544
Demag, DST9 Housing Back, Part Number 87400544
Demag, Disconnect Switch, Part Number 79015644
Demag, Axle AF10 W65 400ET, Part Number 81088444
Demag, Rope Guide 2/1,4/1 DH, Part Number 82280044
Demag, Hoist Chain 5.3 x 15.2 DK5, Part Number 83669944
Demag, Chain Guide w/Sprocket DK5, Part Number 83637744
Demag, Chain Clamp 5.3 x 15.2, Part Number 83617844
Demag, Chain Guide Base DK5, Part Number 83629444
Demag, P/B Station DST7SP222, Part Number 87435544
Demag, Rope Guide 2/1,4/1 DH500, Part Number 82380044
Demag, Safety Catch Part Number 34183199
Demag, Pinion Shaft 1, 37 Teeth FG10, Part Number 71656644
Demag, Key B 8x7x21, Part Number 35487499
Demag, Gasket FG10, Part Number 71740244
Demag, KBK25 Cable Towing Trolley, Part Number 98142044
Demag, Motor KBF90A-2 40%, GB14 230/460, Part Number 06007284
Demag, Brush Holder w/Brushes SBA 112, Part Number30000844
Demag, Brake Lining, KBF 90 Part Number 06478784
Demag, Brake Cover KB 90 Part Number 06470184
Demag, Plain Wheel 125 EKDH 200, Part Number 83057844
Demag, Geared Wheel 125 EKDH 125, Part Number 83055344
Demag, Retaining Rings Part Number 34266599
Demag, Drive Wheel Cover Part Number 83058244
Demag, Third Cut Screw AM 5 X 12 Part Number 32529199
Demag, Per foot 9mm Wire Rope Part Number 82149144
Demag, Oil Seal, Part Number 36750199
Demag, Oil Seal, Part Number 34228744
Demag, Key, Part Number 35447199
Demag, Coupling Rollerstar, Part Number 71832144
Demag, Screw M12 x 55, Part Number 30024544
Demag, Set Nut M12, Part Number 00460998
Demag, Contact Block SES2 2-Step Momentary, Part Number 87419544
Demag, Rubber Cover, Part Number 87404544
Demag, Contactor 3RA1325-8XB30-1AK6, Part Number 13214049
Demag, Aux. Contacts 2NO/2NC, 3RH1921-1FA22, Part Number 13215949
Demag, DGS4 Geared Limit Switch, Part Number 87520144
Demag, Creep Motor, KBA90B-4 DH 230/460V, Part Number 81820146
Demag, Rope Guide, RH 20/20, Part Number 82564244
Demag, Rope Guide Grease, 60 ML Tube, Part Number 01105844
Demag, Drum Bearing & Seal Kit, Part Number 82336544
Demag, Safety Bolt M16 X 85, Part Number 30023644
Demag, Safety Nut M16, Part Number 30028644
Demag, Cluster Gear, Part Number 83912244
Demag, Gasket, Part Number 83910944
Demag, Travel Drive End Shield, Part Number 83916644
Demag, Contactor 3RT1517-1AK60, 120V60, Part Number 13215049
Demag, Short Panel Box Cover, Part Number 36031446
Demag, Clamp for Short Panel Box Cover, Part Number 36051946
Demag, Bottom Panel Box, Part Number 36031646
Demag, Sealing Cord, Part Number 36051646
Demag, Sealing Cord, Part Number 36051846
Demag, Trolley Travel Limit Switch, Part Number 00050049
Demag, Festoon Cable Carrier, Part Number 98046044
Demag, Overall Set, Part Number 26097284
Demag, Fan Cover Long, Part Number 22871084
Demag, Conical Brake Lining 24K, Part Number 62563644
Demag, Chain Guide, Part Number 83737744
Demag, Chain Guide Base Plate, Part Number 83729444
Demag, Chain Part Number 83769944
Demag, End Cap, Part Number 83725844
Demag, Chain Clamp, Part Number 83717844
Demag, Brake Disc Set, Part Number 13889584
Demag, Brake Disc Assembly, Heavy, KB80, Part Number 05979484
Demag, KBK-25 C-Track X 16.4 ft. lg. Part Number 98151544
Demag, KBK-25 Cable Trolley for flat cable, Part Number 98103044
Demag, KBK-25 Track Splice, Part Number 98152044
Demag, KBK-25 Horizontal Track Hanger, Part Number 98154044
Demag, KMK-80 DK2 Fan Assembly, Part Number 13389684
Demag, Gasket, Part Number 71611344
Demag, O-Ring, Part Number 36710199
Demag, Oil Seal, Part Number 36716899
Demag, Oil Seal, Part Number 36639599
Demag, Wheel Block, Part Number 81112544
Demag, Splined Hollow Shaft, Part Number 71643344
Demag, Gasket AF10, Part Number 71641344
Demag, Magnet Body Part Number 26029684
Demag, Brake Control GE 3A B020, Part Number 26089084
Demag, Current Relay B020, Part Number 26087084
Demag, Trolley Motor KMF80A8/2, 40% Duty, Part Number 13011984
Demag, Rope Guide Part Number 82480033
Demag, Amplifier MKA-2 110V-120V, Part Number 46953244
Demag, Screw, Part Number 31922799
Demag, Conical Washer, Part Number 004655985
Demag, Brake Lining, Part Number 06978784
Demag, Brake Cover Chrome Plate, Part Number 06476684
Demag, Rope Guide 2/1, 4/1 DH200, Part Number 82105033
Demag, Brake Lining KB160, Part Number 08974684
Demag, Inverter Motor KBA100B-4 100% 230/460, Part Number 06516684
Demag, Rope Guide 10/16.2-L, Part Number 82482044
Demag, Oil Seal 110 X 130 X 12, Part Number 36750299
Demag, Oil Seal 60 X 80 X 8, Part Number 34231044
Demag, Drum/Brg/Seal Set 40mm DH1000, Part Number 82435744
Demag, Trolley Bumper, Part Number 81152244
Demag, Bumper, Part Number 81109944
Demag, Conical Wheel Drive, Part Number 56338544
Demag, Conical Idler Wheel, Part Number 56338344
Demag, Brake Lining, KBF112, Part Number 07478784
Demag, Brake Glue Kit, Part Number 60092244
Demag, Bridge Drive Wheel Block, Part Number 86091946
Demag, Bridge Idler Wheel Block, Part Number 86092246
Demag, Motor Pinion, Part Number 78602144
Demag, Trolley Collector KBK 2R5, Part Number 87368544
Demag, Transformer, Part Number 13163749
Demag, Transformer, Part Number 89533744
Demag, Transformer, Part Number 89057544
Demag, Contact Block, SES1, 1 Step Momentary, Part Number 87419444
Demag, Load Hook, Part Number 34166699
Demag, Sealing Strip 280 Top, Part Number 82920844
Demag, Sealing Strip 280 Bottom, Part Number 82923844
Demag, Guide Element 280, Part Number 82920644
Demag, Emergency On/Off Actuator, Part Number 87421244
Demag, On/Off Contact Block, Part Number 87419844
Demag, Safety Catch 10, Part Number 34183199
Demag, Safety Catch 5, Part Number 34182899
Demag, Limit Switch Denison #SGO-8026 P/N 00050049
Demag, Rope Guide 2/1, 4/1 DH500 P/N 82380033
Demag, Wear & Tear Set B050 P/N 26098033
Demag, Overhaul Set B050 P/N 26097884
Demag, Output Shaft W46 Z-83 DFW160/200 P/N 84149846
Demag, W-Block DRS200 A45 A75 P/N 86096446
Demag, Reversing Contactor CRLOF4622K6 P/N 13178949
Demag, Rope Guide P/N 82280033
Demag, Brake Shaft KB 225 FG10 IP55 P/N 71796944
Demag, Contactor LC2-D1201 F 7 110V 60Hz P/N 79026944
Demag, Bottom Block DK10 P/N 83788144
Demag, Limit Stop DK10 P/N 83708344
Demag, Gear Z111 M1.6 B32 DK10 P/N 83714644
Demag, External Retaining Ring P/N 34251899
Demag, Axial Washer P/N 82010944
Demag, Cluster Gear w/Bushing DH200 P/N 83185344
Demag, Main Hoist Motor Brake Lining P/N 89746844
Demag, KBK-25 Vertical Track Hanger VR P/N 98153544
Demag, Two Step Contact Block SES2 Momentary P/N 87419544
Demag, Bridge Drive Motor Model #ZBA100B4I w/Brake
Demag, Collector Current Trolley KBK-2R5 P/N 87383144
Demag, Cover 160-DH P/N 82906944
Demag, Main Line Contactor 3RT1034-1AK60 P/N 13212349
Demag, Rope Guide 2/1, 4/1 DH200 P/N 82105033
Demag, GF 0.8A Rectifier 220-500V P/N 26094384
Demag, KBK-100 Steel Festoon Cable Carriers P/N 98460644
Demag, Cable Towing Trolley P/N 98142044
Demag, Rope Guide 2/1, 4/1 DH500 P/N 82380033
Demag, KBA90A-4 Brake Motor, 100%, 230/460 P/N 06010884
Demag, Mechanical Interlock #3RA1954-2A P/N 13216949

Met-Con, Inc. can assist you with your Demag crane and hoist parts regardless of where you are located. Please contact Met-Con today for a quotation on your overhead handling and crane service requirements.

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