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Vacuum cup lifters are ideal cost effective solutions for handling materials packaged in bags, boxes, cartons, sheet materials, drums and other common payloads.  With special tooling a vacuum lift can be used for handling every imaginable payload:  electronic and computer system components, refractories, signature logs, pallets, furniture, reels, rolls and multiple payload handling for more productive palletizing or de-palletizing.

Met-Con, Inc. in Cocoa, Florida represents Palamatic Handling vacuum lift tubs systems and Schmalz vacuum cup lifters for large payloads like pipe vacuum lifters and sheet handling for steel, aluminum, plywood and strand or particle board.  We also represent Acco Vac-U-Lift for heavy duty vacuum lift applications.

Custom tooling is our specialty.  We offer the widest range of standard and special tooling available.  If a solution hasn't  been invented yet, we will invent one for you.

Met-Con can meet your handling needs from component handling for assembly, final product handling, packaging materials handling, packaged product handling, storage and shipping.

Here are just a few examples of the versatility of vacuum cup lifters:

1. Drum or keg side lift and pour
2. Steel bar lifter
3. Porous block lifter
4. Expanding probe lifter shown lifting tires

5. Plastic container layer lifter
6. Pneumatic gripper for lifting bags
7. Radiused gripper for rolls
8. Electronic assembly mechanical gripper

9. Reel lifter with 90 degree rotation
10. 1,000 pound roll lift and turn
11. Welded assembly gripper on prefab stairs
12. Vacuum frame for 500 pound steel sheet
13. Multiple carton lifter
14. Vacuum lifter for HVAC cabinet assembly
15. Pallet lift and turn
16. Roll lift and turn
17. Roll lift and turn
18. TV lifter for inspection and packing
19. Pallet inspection and stacking
20. Multiple paint can palletizing
VacuMaster makes for effortless handling of heavy loads

Schmalz VacuMaster can simplify your daily handling tasks, particularly when heavy loads have to be moved. Work pieces and payloads weighing up to 4,000 pounds or more can be lifted with the standard models. There are almost no limits to the possible applications: metal sheets, coils, sheets of wood, planks and beams, stones and rocks, barrels, ... - no problem for the VacuMaster.

Loads which, in the past, had to be moved by several persons can now be handled easily and safely by a single person.
  • Faster lifting and moving of loads.
  • Improved ergonomics and safety.
  • Products are gripped safely without damaging them.

Horizontal handling

Five load classes (125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000) permit selection of the optimum VacuMaster model for your workpieces. For loads with airtight surfaces, there are virtually no limits to the possible applications.

Swiveling by 90° and turning through 180°

In many cases, lifting devices are needed with which loads can not only be lifted and moved in a horizontal position, but also swiveled by 90° or turned through 180°. The VacuMaster series offers these functions on the models with lifting capacities of 1,000 pounds or more. The loads can be swiveled or turned either with variable-speed electric motors or with electromechanical linear cylinders.

Please contact Met-Con today for a quotation on your vacuum cup lifters, vacuum lifting systems, and special material handling requirements.


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