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Please complete our questionnaire to request a quotation from Met-Con Crane Division.

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Type of material handled
Type of crane
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Span in feet and inches
For Underhung crane indicate desired overhang beyond the end trucks in feet and inches
Crane bridge movement
If motor driven please specify
If motor driven indicate speed(s) in feet per minute
Hoist type
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Hoist lift in feet
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Hoist headroom
Hoist Trolley
Hoist Trolley options
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Control type
If pendant controls specify location
Electric power available Volts
Cycles (Hz)
Compressed air available PSI
Runway Electrification preference
Is this quote request is for a new bridge to go on existing runways? Yes
If yes, what type of electrification do you have now?
If you have electrification, please advise: Manufacturer
Number of collectors
Runway length in feet and inches
Number of bridges on runway
Crane operation environment
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Environment ambient temperature range Degrees F
Additional comments
Note: If runways are to be quoted, please provide a sketch or CAD drawing showing the work area layout, spacing size and details of support columns for a top riding or truss supports for an underhung crane.
You can email the drawing to or FAX it to:
(321) 639-1058

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