Demag Overhead Cranes & Hoists
Proudly Represented by Met-Con in Florida


Demag is the World's Largest Manufacturer of Overhead Material Handling Equipment with 3 U.S. Manufacturing Plants, Capacities to 125 Tons,
Spans to 150 Feet

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Met-Con Crane Division is proud to be the Demag Crane and Hoist dealer in Florida.  Demag's product lines include:
  • Overhead Cranes - Top Running and Under running bridge cranes, Wall traveling, Pillar and Column Jibs
  • Demag Standard Cranes are made from modular components in many spans and capacities.
  • Demag Process Cranes are customized to excel in serving specific industries.
  • Capacities for double girder top running cranes range up to 580 tons and spans up to 200 feet. Single girder capacities and spans range up to 30 tons and 100 feet. Capacity and span range for single girder underrunning cranes are up to 20 tons and 80 feet.
  • A complete line of Jib Cranes for use in production cells.
  • As your production needs change, we can modernize and upgrade your crane to meet tomorrow's demands.
    • Special Applications
    • Production Cranes
    • Paper Industry
    • Power Plants
    • Scrap Handling
    • Magnet Cranes
    • Ship Yards
    • Concrete Industry
    • General Manufacturing

Demag MPW Wire Rope Built Up Hoists
Standard Class D Service
High Performance Express Lifting Speeds
Capacities from 5-170 Tons

Demag MPW Built Up Hoists are designed with standardized subassemblies thru 170 ton. Features such as Express Lifting provide efficient handling of your loads. Infinitely variable speed drives are standard for all motions. Field proven, the MPW hoist can be tailored to meet the requirements of the most demanding application or environment.

Class E + service is available upon request.

Demag DR Wire Rope Hoists

Optimized for crane applications, the new Demag EKDR rope hoist meets all the requirements for state-of-the-art hoists for tomorrow's needs. Besides the space-saving design and particularly long service life, it also offers you a higher lifting speed for faster handling rates – comprehensive standard features with outstanding value for money.

DRPRO Hoists

  • Low-vibration, quiet-running motor

  • Fast acting brake

  • Gearbox lubricated for life

  • Protective rope guide

  • Frequency inverter for stepless travel motions

  • Electrics featuring CAN bus technology

  • Precision geared limit switch

  • Overload protection

  • User-friendly bottom block

  • Ergonomically optimized controls

  • Double-rail crab and foot hoist

  • Extended applications

DRCOM Hoists

  • V1 speed with pole changing hoist motor

  • Motor with thermo sensors and time relays for protection

  • Main hoist motor 60% on time

  • No overload protection device

  • DST P/B or other acceptable 115 volt controls can be used

  • Easily interfaced with any remote control

  • Control voltage 115V / 60 Hz

  • Standard two speed hoist and trolley

  • Standard with 33 feet of lift

  • EKDR3, 5, and 10 with contactor control for hoist trolley

  • Fast 48 hour delivery on Solo DRCOM Contactor hoists

  • Geared limit switch with 4 positions

DR 20 Hoists

  • The new Demag DR 20 rope hoist now also up to 50 tons

  • The Demag DR 20 rope hoist extends the successful range of DR rope hoists for cranes with the addition of a version for load capacities up to 50 tons with three different mounting designs to facilitate versatile application.

Demag Ergonomic Cranes & Hoists

For lighter capacity high speed handling applications Met-Con provides Demag Cranes & Components engineered ergonomic solutions using Demag and KBK components and systems.

The heart of every system begins with patented Demag KBK enclosed track. This track is ideal for closed loop systems or operations where many lifting components are used in close proximity. Demag KBK can be used to design both simple or automated monorail systems or can be used as an overhead traveling crane and allows for the use of other material handling components.

Demag DC & DK Chain Hoists are available to lift and move loads up to 11,000 lbs. A wide variety of lifting attachments are available to fit your application.

Demag Manulifts allow users to position material precisely with just one hand. The two-speed control functions as a "Bionic Hand" which greatly improves the efficiency of piece and station work.

Demag Air Balancers also allow users to position loads effortlessly without the need of a separate control pendant. Demag's air balancer requires the lowest hand forces of any air balancer unit in the industry.

DRS Wheel Blocks


The DRS wheel block system was designed for a wide variety of applications. Demag components are proven products and feature high-quality material, efficiency, flexible applications and sophisticated extension possibilities.


  • Versatile wheel block system with optimum performance ratios for a maximum load capacity from 2,75 t to 40 t with compact dimensions. Finely graded sizes (DRS 112 to DRS 500) accommodate your need for a design to meet your application requirements.

  • Offset and right angle gear motors from the Demag modular system are available for models with individual or central drive units.


  • Simple connection to the support structures

  • Spheroidal-graphite cast iron travel wheel diameter: High performance range, maximum load capacity

  • Starting and braking characteristics to protect the track

  • Laser alignment system for wheel blocks on multiple travel units

  • Special stiffeners for high rigidity

  • High-quality housing with optimum protection of the travel wheels and ball bearings

  • Technical innovation for detail superiority

  • High ground clearance


  • Gear motors and drives: Gear motors

  • Gear motors and drives: Motors / brake motors

  • Gear motors and drives: Microspeed units

  • Frequency inverters: Dedrive Compact

  • Frequency inverters: Dedrive Pro

Please contact Met-Con today for a quotation on your Demag crane and Demag hoist, overhead lifting, crane and special material handling requirements.


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