ANVER Vacuum Lifters & Vacuum Lifting Systems

Made in the USA! Made in the USA!

ANVER is a worldwide leader in vacuum material handling technology.  Met-Con is pleased to offer the complete range of ANVER vacuum lifters and vacuum lifting equipment.

Self-powered mechanical vacuum lifters, electric and air-powered vacuum lifters available in a wide range of lifting capacities ranging up to 60,000 lb (26,600 kg) or more depending on your needs.

Choose from among the below listing of our more popular vacuum lifting and manual tilting end effectors, and contact Met-Con to request a quote on a vacuum lifter for your needs.

Typical Standard Vacuum Lifters
Self-Powered Mechanical
Vacuum Lifters
Modular Powered
Vacuum Lifters
Vacuum Lifters, Mechanical Vacuum Lifters, Sheet Lifters, Plate Lifters
Self-Powered Mechanical
Vacuum Lifters
Below the Hook Air and Electric Powered Vacuum Lifters for Plate Lifting, Sheet Lifting, Glass Lifting, Panels Lifting, etc.
Air & Electric Powered
Multiple Pad Vacuum Lifters
Light Air Powered Lifters E-Z Tilt Vertical-Horizontal Lifters Powered Tilters with Foam Pads Heavy-Duty Lifters

Small Light Air
Powered Vacuum Lifters
Powered Lifters with EZ-Tilt for Stone Applications
Powered Lifters
For Lighter Loads

Standard Powered Tilters
with Foam Pads
Heavy Mill Duty Vacuum Lifters suitable for indoor or outdoor use and for operation in all types of working environments.
Powered Vacuum Lifters
Standard Powered Tilters
ANVER Typical Vacuum Lifters and Tilters allow one operator to perform the tasks of traditional manipulators
Typical Vacuum Lifters Powered Tilt

Various Specialized and Customized Lifters
Powered Tilters w/ Rotation Vertical Vacuum Lifters Lifters for Stone Industry Side-Grip

Powered Tilters
with Rotation
ANVER Twelve Pad Air Powered Vertical Vacuum Lifter for Lifting Glass Panes
Powered Lifters
for Vertical Lifting

All Types of Lifters
for Smooth and Rough Stone

Vacuum Side-Gripping
Lifters and Rotators
Cylindrical Loads Coil Lifters Battery Powered Manual Tilters
ANVER Electric Powered Vacuum Generator with Single Curved Foam Pad Attachment for Lifting Round Steel Bar 6" Radius up to 500 lb (227 kg)
For Handling Tubing,
Bars, Pipes, Billets, etc.
Vacuum Lifters for Tubing Handling, Pipe Handling, Billet Handling, Bar Handling, Cylinder Handling, etc.
Vacuum Lifters
for Coil Handling and Roll Handling

ANVER Battery Powered Lifters
Battery Powered
Vacuum Lifters

ANVER Vacuum Lifters with Manual Tilt
Typical Vacuum Lifters
with Manual and Gravity Tilt
Remote Frames
Special Large Lifters  Mobile Attachment
ANVER Two Pad Vacuum Lifting Beam with Gravity Tilt for Remote Vacuum Generators
Lifting Frames for
Remote Powered Vacuum Generators
Specialized Vacuum Material Handling Systems for Large Loads
Specialized Vacuum
Handling Systems for
Large Loads
Fork Lift Attachments, Manipulators,  Excavator Grader Attachments for Handling Sheet, Plate or Heavy Panels
Fork Lift Attachments,
Manipulators, etc.
Vacuum Lifting End Effectors for Gradalls
End-Effector Equipment

Vacuum Tube Lifters & Ergonomic Vacuum Lifting Systems

Vacuum Tube Lifter Systems Vacuum Hoist Systems
ANVER Standard Series of Vacuum Tube Lifter Systems have a wide range of applications and have traditionally been the most popular choice of users
VT Systems Model Overview
Low Flow Vacuum Lift Systems - VM Series for Small, Compact Loads
VM Series Low Flow
(Small Compact Loads)
Vacuum Hoist Systems
Vacuum Tube Lifting System Features, System Controls and Selecting the Right VT System
Special Features and
Controls Available
High Flow Vacuum Lift Systems - VB Series for Larger, Porous Loads
VB Series High Flow
(Larger, Porous Loads)

ANVER Vacuum Lifters comply fully with and meet the standards of US ANSI ASME Standard B30.20 for below-the-hook lifting devices, as well as complying with OSHA and most European requirements.

Please contact Met-Con for more information and assistance with your vacuum lifting and handling application.

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